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*Each seconds bar costs $4.5 each.


Are you someone who likes a good deal? Well this is for you! These bars are blemished, chipped, fadec color, a little too small, or have some other aesthetically negative characteristic that I have in my "seconds" bin. While most of my bars come out beautifully, for one reason or another there are always a few that aren't so pretty. These bars are perfectly safe to use, just blemished. This is a great deal for those of us who love handmade soap for our own use but don't want to pay full price!


Nourishing and moisturizing soap made from cows milk. This soap is made with simple ingredients.


Bars are approximately 4 ounces. These soaps are handmade and therefore vary slightly - no two are the same!


Bar dimensions are approximately: 3.6 inches x 1.8 inches x 1 inch

Seconds Bars (Imperfect Bars) - Cows Milk Soap

SKU: 013
  • (In order of weight): Olive oil, coconut oil, raw cows milk, sodium hydroxide, various essential/fragrance oils and natural colorants.

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