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Meet Your Soapmaker


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Lindsay Matras, the owner and operator of The Sudsy Cow, a small soapmaking business located in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. I make cows milk soap by hand using milk from me and my husband's own Jersey cows. I am privileged to provide soap to the local community through an online store, local shops, and farmers markets/in-person events.

I started this business in February of 2020 after making cows milk soap as a hobby for 6 years. The seeds for this business began with my love for beautiful handmade soap, growing up with 100 dairy cows in my backyard, and a soapmaking book that was gifted to me.

Lindsay Sunflowers-14.jpg

My mission is to make handmade soap that is beautiful but affordable, while connecting customers to the agricultural roots that make this soap possible.

The Sudsy Cow is not here to create a community, but to be a part of our local community. Thank you for letting me be your local soapmaker.

- Lindsay Matras

  Owner & Soapmaker

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