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Where I am From - A Poem

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Below is a poem I wrote in 2008 as part of a high school poetry class assignment. This poem has always held a special place in my heart, and it is one I go back to regularly as a way of remembering who I really am. I hope this poem gives you a little glimpse into my life growing up as a farm kid in New Hampshire, but I also hope it causes you to think about all the beautiful experiences you've had over your lifetime that makes you into the special person you are. What people, places, or things would you include in your poem?

Where I am From

By Lindsay (Jones) Matras

I am from mud pies and playhouses

And sweet smells from hay forts

I am from capture the flag on warm summer nights

And rock picking in the garden for ice cream

I am from the "Lordy Fordy Road"

And taking long nature walks

I am from skiing while it is snowing

And eating peas off the pod

I am from spending Sunday nights

In the barn with those I love

I am from drawing while sitting

On five gallon buckets with my sister

I am from Grandpa in his wheelchair

Speeding down the road

With me holding onto his neck

Telling him to go faster

I am from neighbors of greenhouses

And woods on both sides of the road

I am from fighting

The growth of houses

I am from tractors

In the background of every picture

I am from chocolate cake

Making an appearance at every birthday

I am from Loon Pond

And swimming every summer

I am from strawberry shortcake

And the large maple in the yard

I am from hard work

Which has built in me character

I am from the Bible

Giving me hope and salvation

Now I am in boxes with my dolls

With memories folded in their dresses

I am between the pages of storybooks

Where fond smiles awaken at their words

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Aw what sweet memories!

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