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The Family Cow

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

When we got married, my husband came with a cow.

My husband worked on my family's farm even before he could drive and continued working there for a good many years. While I maybe can take some of the credit for why he worked on my parent's farm so long, that wasn't all of it. He enjoyed working with the cows so much that he eventually started a small milking herd of his own. He and his family milked various Jersey cows through the years and even sold some of the milk to local customers.

After we got married, his old milk cow Belle produced one more calf (a heifer - female calf), and we decided we would milk that heifer some day. It took a lot of effort to prepare for her, but eventually the time came when Belle's calf Blue (short for Bluebell) came to live on our property. The entire winter and summer before she arrived we worked on clearing a pasture for her as our property didn't have any grassland. It worked out pretty well as there wasn't much to do in the summer of 2020 anyway with the whole world shut down.

All spring my husband and I have anticipated Blue's calving and milking her for the first time on our own property. We scrambled to get ready right up until the day of her calving - fencing in the pasture and lane, setting up the milking area, preparing a milkroom. And we did it...but not without LOTS of help.

Now it has been two weeks since she has calved. My husband and I enjoy milking her every day and caring for her and the two beef cows we have as well. Her milk tastes delicious and she produces a nice amount of cream that we sometimes skim off the top. We couldn't wait to try making ice cream, butter, and whipped cream with her amazing cream.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because...cows milk soap! Blue is officially now the new supplier of milk for The Sudsy Cow's soap. She's got a big job: she's feeding people, she's providing milk for soap, and she is my new associate marketing director for the business as she will be "the face" of The Sudsy Cow. Isn't she so pretty?

We hope you enjoy getting to know Blue a little bit and that you enjoy her milk in your soap!

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