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How The Sudsy Cow Soap Can Help Your Skin Problems

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

No one wants skin problems of any kind, especially since our skin is visible to everyone! Acne on your face, eczema on arms, or just dry, scaly hands are just a few common skin issues that can definitely make us feel self-conscious. Personally, my face is very oily and from when I was teenager until about my mid-twenties I struggled acne that was pretty severe at times. I remember being very self-conscious and wishing I knew of some magic cure or at least something that would help my skin and not aggravate my acne.

Sudsy cows milk soap

Since then I have learned through my own health journey and reading a lot of materials about health that many (maybe even most?) skin issues are a reflection of internal health problems, whether it is hormones that are out of balance, gut issues, or eating foods that we are sensitive to. Just like how losing weight is most impacted by what we eat and not how much we exercise, our skin problems are most impacted by our internal state and what we put into our bodies, not onto our bodies.

So wait - am I saying that my soap will not fix all your skin problems? Yup, that's right! My soap isn't going to be the magic cure-all for your skin. If it was, I'd be a millionaire by now! But if you re-read the title of my blog post, you will see that I claimed my soap can HELP your skin problems, and I still believe that to be true.

Why? Because I've gotten so much feedback from all of you about how my soap has helped your skin. Here is a brief run-down of some observations I have received from people who had happier skin after using The Sudsy Cow soap.

Rose Geranium cows milk soap

Dry Skin: The most common feedback I receive is that people's skin is not as dry after using The Sudsy Cow soap regularly. Someone even mentioned they hardly have to use lotion on their skin anymore. The cows milk in The Sudsy Cow soap adds extra moisturizing properties that aren't in most soaps. The bar is also high in olive oil which will add moisture to your skin. If you struggle with dry skin I encourage you to give The Sudsy Cow soap a try, especially bars like Oats & Honey, Rose Geranium, and Orange.

Eczema: I personally don't have much experience with eczema, but I very much sympathize with those who suffer from it. Eczema is a condition where your skin breaks out into very dry and itchy patches, sometimes small and sometimes quite large. It can be hard for folks with eczema tendencies to find good soaps and lotions that will not aggravate their skin. Thankfully the Activated Charcoal bar is very friendly to skin suffering from eczema and is a great option for people to use. The properties in the activated charcoal powder and the essential oils of lavender and tea tree are soothing to the dry, itchy skin.

Activated charcoal soap can help with exzema and acne.

Acne: Honestly, I haven't gotten too much input back about The Sudsy Cow soap helping people with acne. But I did want to mention that the Activated Charcoal bar is yet again going to be in your corner in this department. Activated charcoal is like a detox for your skin and will pull impurities and bad oils from your skin. This bar contains tea tree essential oil which is a natural astringent which helps reduce the amount of oil on your skin. If you struggle with acne, give an Activated Charcoal bar a try. There are a lot of options out there, but ones with tea tree essential oil will be the most helpful for oily skin.

Orange cows milk soap is very friendly to sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin: So I'm going to let you in on a secret - I tried removing the Orange bar from my line of scents several times to simplify the number of scents I offer. Each time I ran out or got very low on Orange customers asked me for this particular scent. They claimed it was the only bar soap they have tried so far that didn't aggravate their sensitive skin. So I kept Orange in the lineup just for my sensitive skin folks. I didn't want to start a revolt! My Orange bar is scented with orange essential oil which is a very soft, subtle scent, perfect for someone who is very sensitive to smells but wants just a little hint of a scent. This bar also contains orange peel powder which is a gentle exfoliant. The combination must be a perfect blend for my sensitive skin people, and I am very happy to continue making it for you!

I hope you find this to be helpful information if you struggle with skin problems. Just to clarify, I do not claim that my soap cures any skin issues and I am not a doctor who can prescribe or give medical information. But based on my own research as well as the testimonies I've received over and over again, this is information that has helped certain skin conditions. Also, I do not claim my products to be hypoallergenic, so if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients in my products then these are probably not the products for you. But for most folks who are looking to make their skin happier, give The Sudsy Cow soap a try!

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