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Take Care of Your People

The Sudsy Cow provides affordable, super-lathering cows milk soap and complimentary body care products that will help you care for the important people in your life.
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Cows Milk Soap Facts

The base recipe for 90% of The Sudsy Cow soap is: olive oil, coconut oil, cows milk, sodium hydroxide

Milk replaces water in the soapmaking process of cows milk soap. The use of milk gives the bar additional moisturizing and anti-aging properties to the soap. You'll also be surprised at how well this bar lathers and how clean it makes you feel.

Almost every bar of soap is scented with essential oils, with a very limited use of fragrance oils in select bars.

Essential oils are derived from plants, and fragrance oils are chemically derived.

All milk used in The Sudsy Cow soap is sourced from the soapmaker's own cows in Pittsfield, NH or cows on her family's farm in Chichester, NH.

When you support The Sudsy Cow you are supporting small family farms and local agriculture. Thank you!

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