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Getting Your Soap to Last Longer

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Here are a few tips and tricks to get more mileage out of a bar of soap whether it is handmade or from the grocery store.


Allow your soap to dry out between uses.

It's the classic problem - you love handmade bar soap, but it ends up sitting in a pool of water on the counter. This leads to a mushy, squishy bar of soap that essentially melts slowly into your sink over a few days. (If you know, you know.) How to solve this problem? Use a soap dish that drains water away from the bar. These come in countless shapes, sizes, and materials and are available almost everywhere! There are also magnetic soap holders on the market that will keep your bar of soap high and dry in the shower.


Use a soap saver bag.

Soap saver bags are all the rage right now. The idea is to fill the bag with bits of soap or a whole bar of soap, then use the bag as a washcloth in the shower. Then you can hang the bag of soap up to dry in between uses. This is a great way to make sure you use the whole bar of soap. It is also a great way to use up a bar when it gets too small to wash your hands with, helping you keep your sanity. Soap saver bags are becoming more widely available and come in both soft and more abrasive materials and are almost always washing-machine friendly.


Wait a few months until you use the soap.

Yup, it's that simple. Did you know that water continually evaporates out of a bar of soap over time? So the longer you let a bar of soap sit around, the more water is pulled from the bar, which thus makes a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap. Many people do this without intending to - I know I have used a bar of soap as bathroom decor because I liked the look and smell of it. Bar soap doesn't go bad either, so the longer it sits, the better!

The Sudsy Cow has sourced locally-made self-draining soap dishes and handwoven soap saver bags so you don't have to go searching around for great soap-saving tools. Check out our online store to see what we currently have in stock!

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